Tips for Parents

  • spend time with them
  • keep calm
  • keep your messages short
  • remind them of what they do well
  • use humour - never sarcasm
  • set very clear boundaries with positive and negative consequences
  • only argue over things that matter
  • avoid confrontations
  • catch them doing good things
  • regularly give them positive feedback
  • help them define problems and options
  • do not constantly remind them of past mistakes

As Teenagers, we want you, our parents and caregivers, to:

  • be there for us no matter what we do
  • see the story from both sides before acting out
  • be there to guide us, not tell us what to do
  • get information - facts about protecting ourselves
  • stop being embarrased to talk about sex
  • intitiate conversations about sexual health issues
  • put us first, not your latest boy/girlfriend
  • understand that if we ask about sex, it doesn't necessarily mean we're thinking about having sex
  • listen without judging
  • be open and honest about sex and relationships
  • only ask us questions if you're prepared to hear the answers
  • be parents, not friends
  • discuss what's acceptable and what's not

Tips to give your teenagers about alcohol and sex

  • heavy drinking in social situations can lead to unwanted sex or sexual assault
  • alcohol use clouds your judgement and increases the likelihood of doing something you didn't intend to do
  • alcohol can increase sexual desire and decrease inhibitions
  • drink spiking is on the increase  - pour your own drinks and don't leave them on a table or bar
  • don't swap drinks with someone else
  • watch for signs of drug use in your friends
  • know where you are going and stay in well-lit areas
  • don't leave a party, pub or social occassion with someone you have just met or don't know very well
  • avoid walking alone at night
  • clearly state your limits
  • say "NO" firmly and assertively if that is what you want
  • accept a person's decision when they say "NO" - it't not a challenge
  • if the message is not clear, assume the answer is "NO"
  • find ways to get out - distract - shout "rape" or "fire" rather than "help"
  • forcing sex is rape and is a criminal offence
  • never assume you know what someone wants 
  • do not have sexual intercourse with someone who is drunk - consent may not be given and you put yourself at risk of being charged with rape
  • do not joke about, believe or support the idea that the other person "wanted it"
  • accept that no one owes anyone else sex under any conditions

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