Thank You

Anamata CaFe would love to thank those who support us!

Without the support of our community, staff and young people Anamata CAFE would not be the supportive organisation it is today.

Albie Colvin - ACGD Design for the amazing rebranding project that has resulted in our awesome branding

Health Promotion Agency (formerly ALAC)

Copy Solutions: Taupo

The Business Studio:  Taupo for the helping us create our new website

Taupo Violence Intervention Network

Huka Honey Hive for their ongoing support of Anamata CAFE

Starlight Cinemas Taupo for their continued support and prizes

Mega Mitre 10 Taupo for their ongoing support

Anamata CAFE staff and Board.

Briar Grace-Tyler for the work on the website.

All the local young people who contributed their ideas, stories and thoughts with the Inform booklet.

To our local parents who share their ideas and thoughts.