Facts and Effects

Smoking cigarettes causes many health problems including heart attacks and lung cancer.

Tobacco when smoked acts as a stimulant on the body, and a feeling of relaxation follows about 1/2 an hour later.

But the tobacco you find in cigarettes isn't just tobacco - it's supplemented with over 4,000 chemicals, 43 of which are known to cause cancer. That means there's more junk in one puff than there is behind the bike shed!

Even limited use, that is, smoking just a few cigarettes a week, can give you bad breath, dry skin, and smelly clothes. It can also lower your immune system, and you know what that means: more coughs and colds.

Prolonged smoking (smoking more cigarettes more often) does worse things than just give you a stink mouth. Eventually every part of your body ends up polluted by the toxins in cigarettes.

You know what else? This stuff's very addictive and expensive. A normal pack of smokes is around $17.00. Think of what else you could buy with that cash. Instead of three packs of Lights, you could grab a new CD. Your choice: sweet tunes or sour tokes.

Want to quit?

Our nurses at Anamata CAFE can support and help you get on the right track to get through the quitting process or visit:

  Quitline New Zealand 

  Tipu Ora  auahi kore