Free Dental Treatment Until You Are 18!

How to enrol:

 Enrolment forms are available from Anamata CAFE or the dental surgeries.

You don't need a parent or guardian to sign the enrolment form and they don't have to go to the dentist with you.

Facts About Your Free Dental Treatment:

 •All basic dental treatment is free until you turn 18

 •Not all white fillings are free so you need to check this with your dentist

 •Please turn up for appointments. If the time you are given does not suit ask for it to be changed. It is wise to keep your appointments as another appointment may not be so easy to get, and if you do not turn up you can be charged for the dentist's time

 •You can change dentists if you wish - you just have to fill out another enrolment form



 If you need to see your dentist urgently, let them know when you phone for an appointment.

Accidents are usually funded by ACC. ACC only funds part of the cost of dental care so you need to discuss this with your dentist.

 For more information contact Anamata CAFE 07 376 0098