Formerly known as Cafe for Youth Health, Anamata CAFE (Clinics and Advice For Everyone) has had a continued presence in Taupo since 1990. CAFE has identified a need to focus on the health and wellness of young people and their whanau. We are a Youth One Stop Shop (YOSS), one of a network of Youth One Stop Shops across Aotearoa.

We provide an accessible health service at a low to no cost to young people and their whanau. All under 25 year olds in the Taupo District can access our range of services for free. Sexual health checks are free for all ages.
We specialise in contraception and sexual health but can help with a range of health issues.

Anamata CAFE is an incorporated society employing 10 staff with a voluntary coordinating committee of 7. Our staff consists of 5 clinic nurses, 1 doctor, 1 health promoter/educator, 1 whanau support worker and 2 in the administration team.

The Anamata CAFE Clinic nurses and doctor provide:

  • Contraception / Family Planning services - free if you are under 25 (may be a cost for some procedures)
  • Free Emergency Contraceptive Pill (Morning After Pill)
  • Sexual health checks - free for all ages
  • Youth Health Clinics
  • School Clinics
  • Cervical Smears
  • Information and education on a wide range of health issues
  • Support and information for pregnant teens

School students are welcome at Anamata CAFE in Waiora house outside school hours.

Our service is confidential and our staff are friendly, skilled and knowledgeable.

Mission Statement:

"to enable young people and their whanau to lead vibrant and healthy lives"

We believe that:

People have the right to live free of discrimination, regardless of their age, gender, sexual preference, marital status, ethnicity, religion or ability.

People have the right to express their sexuality but only without hurt, or violation of the rights of others. So that people are able to make informed choices about sexuality and take responsible actions for their own sexual health, they have the right to:

  • Honest and accurate information about sexuality
  • An awareness and understanding of sexual feelings
  • Communicate with ease about their sexuality
  • Access to health care services
  • The opportunity to clarify their values and understand those of others
  • Life long learning about sexuality as a natural part of living
  • Confidentiality in all aspects

We often find it difficult to discuss sexual health issues. The reality is that New Zealand - and specifically in our community - we have unacceptably high rates of teenage pregnacy and sexually transmitted infections. Teenage parent hood can lead to lifelong health and social inequalities, both for the young parents and for their children. Sexually transmitted infections can lead to long term health problems, including infertility.

We hope that this website will support and encourage you to discuss sexual health issues more openly. We all have a responsibility to ensure that our young people have ready access to the information and care they need, so that they can make healthy choices and cope successfully with their transition into adulthood. For all young New Zealanders, these are significant concerns.